Monday, February 29, 2016

MTV Suspect: Episode 01

So the show that I've been spending the last few months working on premiered last week. You can watch the first episode here. Our team kind of wore a lot of hats throughout production. Most of my role was storyboarding the motion graphics reenactment scenes and many of those drawings were used as parts of title cards throughout the episodes. Here's some of the stuff I had done before they were evolved for the finished episode last week.

Since sequences were very short and I wasn't necessarily responsible for lining them up with sound from the episode, here's some boards that made it in as gifs:

Allen & Jonathan

Kristen & Thomas

As it can happen in any production, scenes and the boards for them do get cut in production, but my team was awesome enough to incorporate rough sketches into some of the handwriting cards sprinkled throughout the episode, like the one below:

I was also responsible for making sort of rotoscoped/caricatured hybrids of people in the show:

There was so much more that I had done for just this episode, alone! Perhaps one day, I'll be able to show more. Until then, I'll keep this blog updated with my contributions to Suspect.

Suspect © MTV.

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