Saturday, March 29, 2014

"Spirit Rappings" Concept Art: Part Four

It looks like there's been some more of my concepts for Spirit Rappings that I've yet to upload.

I once participated in a simple art challenge that prompted to show characters in their bathing suits to celebrate summer. Seeing as the story takes place in Florida and some scenes are on the beach, I took the opportunity to try out how Spirit Rappings' main ladies looked in bathing suits.

A quick concept of young Abby. I don't think it's final, but I do like her big ponytail and missing teeth.


Someone showed me this outfit that they thought was very appropriate for Vin. I unfortunately don't have the link to it anymore, but it was still fun to try him out in some different clothes. This was also an experiment for a possible penciling style I could use in the comic.

A little speedpaint I did for Abby. Again, trying out another painting style.

A quick paint with Vin where I was experimenting with mood. I don't know what I find so fun about painting the silver streaks he has when mortal, but I do.

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