Thursday, March 15, 2012

"When in Chroma" Concept Art

I find it a beautiful thing when you can take a bunch of one-shot, underdeveloped characters and introduce them all to each other to make a single, coherent story. This happened with Maestra from my thesis, the Candyman and the troll (now named Lucie) from my Drawing for Animators painting, and two more characters from a children's book I wrote. Together, their story is currently titled "When in Chroma" and once developed more, I hope to make it into a comic strip. It will follow the lives of these five friends in small vignettes of stories, where they all live in the city of Chroma, a place whose districts are based off of various 20th century art movements.

This little painting of Maestra was my Christmas card for this past year and a fun look at how to paint these characters. I really enjoyed the textured, lineless look that I had for her development artwork on my thesis, so I'm trying to finesse it more and will apply it to the others.

A concept painting for two of Chroma's characters that I have yet to introduce on here. On the right is Cecily, a blind girl with the high hopes to be a model and on the left is Felix, a mime. They are a happy couple in the comic and as you can possibly guess, have an interesting challenge displaying their love for one another. Since one is blind and the other doesn't talk, their relationship is based heavily on touch. I wanted to try displaying that in a painting.

 This was a practice cover for the book if I ever release one. I was also trying out how the characters would look if they weren't in the textured, lineless style, but inked like most comic strip characters.

This is the first picture I did of the entire cast together. I tried out the lineless style again for full color pieces and wanted to see how well the characters work well together.

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