Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Spirit Rappings" Concept Art: Part Two

Here is another post of development art for my own story that I am developing, "Spirit Rappings".

I have been working with Abby's design a little more to make her easier on the eyes. This specific piece was more of a fun experiment and practice on my cleanup work. The original sketch can be seen in one of my previous sketch compilations.

I have spent so much time developing Bonnie May for my preproduction class that I never spent a lot of time thinking of how she looks as a ghost, like Vin. This is a concept for her and just the basic look overall for the ghosts of the story.

Speaking of Vin, here is a breakdown for ways that he talks. He is very theatrical and often uses his hands to speak. This was another variation at how the ghosts look when they're more kept together, persay.

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