Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sketches Part Three

A collection of select sketches that span from this past October to February. I was preparing my portfolio for CTN from October to November, so most of the sketches were life drawings and variations of designs to be used on my business cards. Development on my personal stories has still progressed, as usual, and there was the occasional celebrity caricature, such as Robert Downey, Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch. This past month, though, I have played Valve's brilliant Portal series. Similar to the challenge I gave myself back in my My Little Pony post, I took a stab at designing some of the games' characters in a more humanoid/android form. I have rarely worked with anything mechanical, so I really enjoy trying to keep the robotic qualities of characters in these more organic forms, yet making sure their wonderfully written personalities still show through.

Portal characters © Valve

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