Monday, November 19, 2012

Prima Maestra

Here is my fully completed short film that I did while at Ringling College of Art and Design! Enjoy!

I am very happy to say that after production was wrapped up, "Prima Maestra" was featured at my school's Best of Ringling gallery show and just this past weekend, was shown at the Brouhaha Film Festival in Orlando, FL as one of the top student films in the state. I cannot express my gratitude for my hard work and Maestra getting this kind of recognition. It really is a pleasant surprise and a gift to know that all my hard work might have meant something.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

March Through May Sketches

A collection of select sketches out of my book from the past three months. Still currently working on this month's. Anyway, character expression studies and development for "Spirit Rappings" bookend this compilation as I write out the story. Between them are more design explorations of Portal characters and a couple tries at designing Captain America, Thor, and Loki from the new Avengers film.

Poral characters © Valve
Avengers characters © Marvel

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Zemti Turnaround

During the last month of school after my senior thesis was done, we were assigned an open project. I chose to model and build a simple rig for my character, Zemti.  You have seen him in previous entries, like here and here. I am not really much of a modeler or rigger, but I really wanted to have a working character of mine for animation after I left Ringling. Once my copy of Maya arrives and I hook it up, I hope to do several tests with this little guy to practice quadruped animation.

Music from here.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Spirit Rappings" Concept Art: Part Three

Here is a couple more paintings I worked on as development for my original story.

This was a little April Fools joke of mine. It's a little quick, but I made this fake screencap of Vin to get a reaction out of my friends and some of his fans. I'm happy to say that it worked. Anyway, I also did this as just a little experiment for my own. If I am to ever make this into a full, animated film, I wanted to see what it could look like. I would like to try a few more different approaches, but this served its purpose as a pretty good prank.

Another painting of Vin, but more focused on his behavior when he was alive. I love complex emotions in characters and wanted to see how Vin can portray something like fear, dread, paranoia, and emotions like it all at once. I also to try something with the coloring and painting style to see what might work best for the graphic novel.

Portal Inspired

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I like to challenge myself at designing characters in forms other than what they're presented in. I often turn something non-human into a humanoid figure. Lately, I've been experimenting with personal redesigns of the characters from Valve's Portal series. I was very inspired by the lighting and overall look of the game, too, so I wanted to try it out for myself.

This first one I tried is of a sort of antagonist from the second game, Wheatley. This is what he normally looks like. The clothing is first pass on him. If I draw him now and like this part of the game, he has a modified version of GLaDOS' outfit, who I portray below.

GLaDOS is the main antagonist from both games and a brilliant character. Trying to portray her as a humanoid came a lot easier to me than Wheatley did, but I am happy with both of their results.

Portal characters © Valve

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Business Cards

These are the designs I developed for my personal business cards. The cards are double sided, with the character's torso on one side and their legs on the other. If you want to be silly, you can even interchange them to give the characters one another's body parts. I am very happy with how they turned out and thankfully, I sent off most of them while at CTN. I should be getting another batch very soon.

Sketches Part Three

A collection of select sketches that span from this past October to February. I was preparing my portfolio for CTN from October to November, so most of the sketches were life drawings and variations of designs to be used on my business cards. Development on my personal stories has still progressed, as usual, and there was the occasional celebrity caricature, such as Robert Downey, Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch. This past month, though, I have played Valve's brilliant Portal series. Similar to the challenge I gave myself back in my My Little Pony post, I took a stab at designing some of the games' characters in a more humanoid/android form. I have rarely worked with anything mechanical, so I really enjoy trying to keep the robotic qualities of characters in these more organic forms, yet making sure their wonderfully written personalities still show through.

Portal characters © Valve

Triptych Egotistic

In the same vein as a triptych of Vin a few entries ago, I took a crack at some breakdown expressions for Zemti, the male cat from "Bastet's Gift". As you can see, I have changed his design. Rather than just a black cat, I changed him to a more breed of cat more traditional to his origins, a silver Egyptian Mau. I find this design more aesthetically pleasing as now you can see his entire face and the colors are more noticeable.

"When in Chroma" Concept Art

I find it a beautiful thing when you can take a bunch of one-shot, underdeveloped characters and introduce them all to each other to make a single, coherent story. This happened with Maestra from my thesis, the Candyman and the troll (now named Lucie) from my Drawing for Animators painting, and two more characters from a children's book I wrote. Together, their story is currently titled "When in Chroma" and once developed more, I hope to make it into a comic strip. It will follow the lives of these five friends in small vignettes of stories, where they all live in the city of Chroma, a place whose districts are based off of various 20th century art movements.

This little painting of Maestra was my Christmas card for this past year and a fun look at how to paint these characters. I really enjoyed the textured, lineless look that I had for her development artwork on my thesis, so I'm trying to finesse it more and will apply it to the others.

A concept painting for two of Chroma's characters that I have yet to introduce on here. On the right is Cecily, a blind girl with the high hopes to be a model and on the left is Felix, a mime. They are a happy couple in the comic and as you can possibly guess, have an interesting challenge displaying their love for one another. Since one is blind and the other doesn't talk, their relationship is based heavily on touch. I wanted to try displaying that in a painting.

 This was a practice cover for the book if I ever release one. I was also trying out how the characters would look if they weren't in the textured, lineless style, but inked like most comic strip characters.

This is the first picture I did of the entire cast together. I tried out the lineless style again for full color pieces and wanted to see how well the characters work well together.

"Spirit Rappings" Concept Art: Part Two

Here is another post of development art for my own story that I am developing, "Spirit Rappings".

I have been working with Abby's design a little more to make her easier on the eyes. This specific piece was more of a fun experiment and practice on my cleanup work. The original sketch can be seen in one of my previous sketch compilations.

I have spent so much time developing Bonnie May for my preproduction class that I never spent a lot of time thinking of how she looks as a ghost, like Vin. This is a concept for her and just the basic look overall for the ghosts of the story.

Speaking of Vin, here is a breakdown for ways that he talks. He is very theatrical and often uses his hands to speak. This was another variation at how the ghosts look when they're more kept together, persay.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Appreciation Post

As an artist, I feel it's important to indulge in a little fanart once in a while. There is a fun challenge in trying to accurately emulate something that you didn't create and the tangibly show your appreciation for the work of your fellow creators. The latest incarnation of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic, has been something I was very impressed with since the show first aired. I have done my fair share of fanart for it and tried out methods of painting I don't always use in order to try to keep the spirit of the franchise.

Another challenge I like to give myself when drawing others' characters is to try my own interpretation of the character in another species. It helps me figure out a little more on how to do character design and to see if a character is still recognizable and appealing when they do not look quite like themselves. This one in particular is one of the male ponies from an episode in Friendship is Magic, Braeburn. I also tried out a slightly different painting method on this one that I'm pretty satisfied with and will try to use more often if the piece calls for it.

I was recently practicing inking in Adobe Illustrator and one of the main ponies, Pinkie Pie, happened to be my subject.

This was more style experimenting that I used two more minor characters for. The rich colors of the new ponies reminded me of Mary Blair's work, so I sort of combined the two to get this.

characters © Hasbro