Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sketches Part Two

Here's another collection of sketches from this past August and September. I still am deeply buried in the habit of drawing my own characters all day every day, including some new designs that I'm currently playing around with. As I work on my portfolio, though, I have to get back in the hang of life drawing. Most of them are of some cats from a rescue center I visit, but I found some from lectures that I liked. I also tried my hand at caricaturing my dad's dog, some students at my school, as well as Doctor Who's Matt Smith.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Making a Candy Run

Despite how much time I spend on my senior thesis, I like to do other artwork and characters as a kind of breather between lab sessions. It keeps my mind going and my thesis from looking all the same to me if I switch it up sometimes.

Like Maestra in my last post, this is a little speed painting of the Candyman I did the other day. I've been working on him and Lucie a little bit more. Their story is more or less the same, since it's supposed to be simple. I mostly just worked on their relationship and personality quirks. For instance, Candyman doesn't really talk much. He speaks in candy names; he'll say something like "candy hearts!" when he likes something or "licorice twists..." when he's complaining. Lucie does most of the talking for the both of them. You know, silly little things like that to keep me amused with the two.

The Show Goes On

So senior year at Ringling keeps trucking along as I work on my thesis. I did this quick painting of Maestra earlier in production to make sure my color choices are working and to remind myself of the textured look I want the film to have. The good thing is that her rig's arms and legs are just as bendy and noodly as they are in my drawings. So exciting!