Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Prima Maestra"

During Animation Preproduction, we have two projects. That way, at the end of the semester, the students and the faculty have a choice on what should be done for the senior thesis. The process starts all over again with story pitches.

Two of my ideas are featured in previous posts, "Bastet's Gift" and "The Revolutionary Snowman". The alotted time to come up with our new pitches was very short, so I could not make new artwork for these older stories. I did, however, come up with seven new ideas, five of which I was able to make quick paintings for.

Idea one is another love story. A lonely mime falls in love with a blind girl after thinking she was a mime, too, and tries to get her attention any way he can. Of course, it's difficult considering mimes are silent and only communicate visually.

Lucie the Troll Girl and the Candyman make a comeback as costars together. Their story is altered to Candyman being a recovering sugar addict and Lucie is a pest in his shop.

This idea started off simply as a question I asked myself: "why do music conductors look like they're dancing?" It turned into a story about a ballerina quitting her job to become a conductor, but her old ways come back to haunt her with beneficial results.

This idea spawned from all those insane photographs of construction workers building 1930's skyscrapers. The story was about an unemployed fellow in the Great Depression jumping on the first job he could get his hands on before the rest of the jobless public. What he didn't know was that he would have to risk his zero-experience life and limb as a construction worker.

This was just a silly idea of a hat wearing horse trying to get his tophat back. Nothing too terribly special about it other than some visual gags I would have liked to do just for laughs.

The story about the ballerina turned conductor won by just a hair. Her closest competition was the Mime Boy and the Blind Girl. Those two, however, moved on to be a children's book idea and are now happily named Felix and Cecily respectively. As for the Ballerina Conductor, her story was changed for the better. Now, the conductor for her recital is missing and she is trying to fulfill both roles. This idea passed and is now going to be my senior thesis here at Ringling. As such, I think I am going to hold back on showing the animatic until the short is done. Instead, I am happy to show you my visual development work. I really look forward to working on this project. I have never tried this 1950's UPA style before, but I love it and am excited at the challenge of trying to make it work in a computer animated short.

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