Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Belles and Dandies"

So the big ol' projects of Animation Preproduction class came and went. We had to pitch five ideas in front of the faculty and they helped us choose which one we would spend most of the semester working on. Here are the rough paintings I presented for my ideas.

Prince made a comeback with his original story. You can see the progress that lead to that some posts back. I went with the first animatic's approach for this pitch.

The little troll (who is now named Lucie) from my Drawing for Animators painting branched off to her own story for Preproduction pitches. The idea with her was that she was trying to find a scary place to inhabit, like other trolls, but is afraid of the dark. She sucks it up and goes spelunking down into a cave to find valuable gems as her reward for overcoming her fear.

Another returning idea with the distant design relatives of Zemti and Kale, Set and Cain. It was pitched as the original chase scene extended to include more of Set's turn around as a thief, even though Cain doesn't end up forgiving him.

Like Lucie the Troll Girl, Candyman also got his own story for Preproduction pitches. His is a relatively simple cautionary tale about taking everything, including sugar, in moderation.

Finally, Vin and Bonnie's story from the One Minute project was pitched without any changes made to it. They seemed to have won the pitch by a landslide.

Over the half of the semester that I worked on this, Vin and Bonnie went through the trials and tribulations that stories go through during Preproduction. What started off as just wanting to spice up the ending turned into a completely different story that was even more complicated than the first. I cannot say that I am exactly happy with the end product and it certainly showed when the idea did not pass, but I will not get into that. I am happy, though, to have had the chance to develop Vin and Bonnie May more than I ever have before. I think my favorite part of this project was the visual development work that I did for it.

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