Friday, December 24, 2010


Our next assignment in Concept Development was called "A to B". Our story had to be about our character getting from one point to another, no matter if it was a long journey or a walk across the room. This premise reminded me of a chase scene I always wanted to do to the Skakira song "Eyes Like Yours". Unfortunately, the music was still too long after I edited. Anyway, the story is about a thief trying to escape a bounty hunter in an Arabian/Egypt influenced town. I don't normally do chase or action sequences, but I found this one a lot of fun to work with.

Here are the boys in the animatic. The thief has Zemti influences in him while the bounty hunter ended up basically being Kale due to running out of time to design these guys.

Here's what came out as the final product for class. I'm considering pitching this for a possible senior thesis, so I'll be sprucing it up a lot.

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