Friday, December 24, 2010

Self Caricature

This was another project that we did in Drawing For Animators that will eventually be incorporated into Computer Animation, as well. We had to design caricatures of ourselves that we will be doing lip-sync animations to next semester. We started off drawing each other, then began experimenting with different design possibilities on our own. Even though I've been caricaturing myself for years now, it was still a challenge to come up with something appealing. The couple pages below just barely scratch the surface to all the messy doodles I put out.

My end product became this. Something sort of funny, though. Barely even a week after I finished this assignment, I went and got a haircut that largely changed the composition of my hair. Ever since, I've been trying to incorporate it into the design without messing up too much else. I guess this is what happens when you make a character based off of something that is constantly changing.

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