Friday, December 24, 2010

Push Pull Natural

Push Pull was this semester's big, end all project. It was so big that it took two different classes to create. While I was animating Artie in Computer Animation, I was creating my Push Pull character in my Drawing For Animators class, which is basically our major's illustration class. We did a number of exercises to sort of subconsciously design our Push Pull guys, including finding designs in silhouette blotches, found textures, and scribbles. I ended up with these six characters:

The one with the letters next to them is the one I settled with.

Now back to CA. Push Pull is an assignment where a character encounters an obstacle that they have to push and pull on in order to overcome it. They have to fail, then succeed, but exactly how is left up to us. We started off with the natural version.

The second half of this project was to do a more exaggerated take on the animation, but I'll post that one up after I make a few changes to it and render it out.

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