Friday, December 24, 2010

A Ghost Love Story

This was the mac-daddy of all projects in Concept Development. It was basically the Pre-Pro to our Pre-Pro. The assignment was a complete free for all. All that was asked of us was to make it exactly one minute. Having a whole other 30 seconds to work with was definitely a lot of fun, though it gave it's own challenges. I pitched a number of ideas, but was able to push my favorite idea. It's one that I had for a while and really wanted a chance to work on it for school. It brings back Vin (from the thief project) and Bonnie May (from the door project), but presents them in the way that I intended for them to be all along: as a couple. A few tweaks to their designs were in order so they both fit together well and their designs sort of bounce off each other.

Bonnie May's outfit ended up changing in the actual animatic and I think Vin lost his spats, but I'll try to fix that when I get the chance. There's also a number of things and shots that I would like to change, but we'll see what can be done when I pitch this in Pre-Pro next semester.

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