Friday, December 24, 2010

"Fashion Statement"

Concept was probably at its busiest this semester. It's also the last class that I have to take of it, too. It was mostly because they were trying to prepare us for Pre-Production. We were turning out animatics practically every week, so these next three aren't as developed and finished looking as the ones I did last year. Maybe I'll try to spruce them up once I get the chance.

The first animatic we did had to have something to do with a door. We could come up with anything we wanted. It just had something to do with needing to go through a door. After pitching my three ideas, I settled on a previously created character. It was a great opportunity to give her a much needed makeover to go from this:

To this:

The blue doodles next to her are the panels for a basic rundown of what the animatic entails. It's the story of this young Victorian era girl trying not to make a fool of herself at her first party, but her massive hoop skirt wants to do otherwise.

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