Friday, December 24, 2010

Self Caricature

This was another project that we did in Drawing For Animators that will eventually be incorporated into Computer Animation, as well. We had to design caricatures of ourselves that we will be doing lip-sync animations to next semester. We started off drawing each other, then began experimenting with different design possibilities on our own. Even though I've been caricaturing myself for years now, it was still a challenge to come up with something appealing. The couple pages below just barely scratch the surface to all the messy doodles I put out.

My end product became this. Something sort of funny, though. Barely even a week after I finished this assignment, I went and got a haircut that largely changed the composition of my hair. Ever since, I've been trying to incorporate it into the design without messing up too much else. I guess this is what happens when you make a character based off of something that is constantly changing.

A Ghost Love Story

This was the mac-daddy of all projects in Concept Development. It was basically the Pre-Pro to our Pre-Pro. The assignment was a complete free for all. All that was asked of us was to make it exactly one minute. Having a whole other 30 seconds to work with was definitely a lot of fun, though it gave it's own challenges. I pitched a number of ideas, but was able to push my favorite idea. It's one that I had for a while and really wanted a chance to work on it for school. It brings back Vin (from the thief project) and Bonnie May (from the door project), but presents them in the way that I intended for them to be all along: as a couple. A few tweaks to their designs were in order so they both fit together well and their designs sort of bounce off each other.

Bonnie May's outfit ended up changing in the actual animatic and I think Vin lost his spats, but I'll try to fix that when I get the chance. There's also a number of things and shots that I would like to change, but we'll see what can be done when I pitch this in Pre-Pro next semester.


Our next assignment in Concept Development was called "A to B". Our story had to be about our character getting from one point to another, no matter if it was a long journey or a walk across the room. This premise reminded me of a chase scene I always wanted to do to the Skakira song "Eyes Like Yours". Unfortunately, the music was still too long after I edited. Anyway, the story is about a thief trying to escape a bounty hunter in an Arabian/Egypt influenced town. I don't normally do chase or action sequences, but I found this one a lot of fun to work with.

Here are the boys in the animatic. The thief has Zemti influences in him while the bounty hunter ended up basically being Kale due to running out of time to design these guys.

Here's what came out as the final product for class. I'm considering pitching this for a possible senior thesis, so I'll be sprucing it up a lot.

"Fashion Statement"

Concept was probably at its busiest this semester. It's also the last class that I have to take of it, too. It was mostly because they were trying to prepare us for Pre-Production. We were turning out animatics practically every week, so these next three aren't as developed and finished looking as the ones I did last year. Maybe I'll try to spruce them up once I get the chance.

The first animatic we did had to have something to do with a door. We could come up with anything we wanted. It just had something to do with needing to go through a door. After pitching my three ideas, I settled on a previously created character. It was a great opportunity to give her a much needed makeover to go from this:

To this:

The blue doodles next to her are the panels for a basic rundown of what the animatic entails. It's the story of this young Victorian era girl trying not to make a fool of herself at her first party, but her massive hoop skirt wants to do otherwise.

Push Pull Natural

Push Pull was this semester's big, end all project. It was so big that it took two different classes to create. While I was animating Artie in Computer Animation, I was creating my Push Pull character in my Drawing For Animators class, which is basically our major's illustration class. We did a number of exercises to sort of subconsciously design our Push Pull guys, including finding designs in silhouette blotches, found textures, and scribbles. I ended up with these six characters:

The one with the letters next to them is the one I settled with.

Now back to CA. Push Pull is an assignment where a character encounters an obstacle that they have to push and pull on in order to overcome it. They have to fail, then succeed, but exactly how is left up to us. We started off with the natural version.

The second half of this project was to do a more exaggerated take on the animation, but I'll post that one up after I make a few changes to it and render it out.

More Artie Excercises

Wow. It's been a while since I've posted anything. Sorry about that. This past semester has been pretty brutal, but I got a lot of results out of it. Expect quite a few more entries.

First up were the first exercises that I did in my latest Computer Animation. Funny thing, I found out that my professor, Keith Osborn, actually created Artie. I never knew that, but now I can properly credit who he belongs to.

Anyway, we had three exercises, but my animation where Artie is waiting for something didn't... turn out so great. The other two, of course, aren't perfect, either, and need polishing, but I can still feel pretty all right about showing them to other people.

The Triathalon, as Keith called it, started off with, of course, a walk cycle.

The second one was a change in emotions that had to be animated entirely in silhouette. This was cool, since I could brake the rig to get what I wanted and it wouldn't look horrifyingly painful for poor Artie.

I plan on polishing these some more, since they were the first animations I had done in months and was a little rusty.