Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Revolutionary Snowman

This probably had to be one of my favorite projects in my second semester of Concept Development. We were all separated into groups and were given a random series of pictures. My group was given photos of old ruins of a cabin in the woods, a bucket full of blueberries, a bear trap, and an illustration of a snowman. The meeting for coming up with our story was entertaining and started off as nothing serious, but we ended up with an idea that we hoped tugged at people's heartstrings. It's the story of a little girl during the American Revolutionary War building a snowman outside of her small, cabin home. As the story goes on, it cuts back and forth between her and a young teenage boy fighting on the front lines. I seemed to become in charge of a lot of designing on the project, mostly with the characters. My own personal designs for the children, named Hannah and Nathaniel, ended up something like this:

When pitched to the group, these two went through a few changes into what they look like in the animatics, but I think I'll be keeping a variation of these designs for myself.

Now, we actually did not just make a final animatic and call it a day. The story that we came up with was just a foundation for different techniques of storytelling that we had to portray. These aren't in order of which one we did or exactly how I, personally, want to tell the whole story, but it's in a vague chronological order of what the class ended up seeing and the different techniques' definitions according to my professor' website.

The first is Simultaneity - two separate things will converge:

Second is Contrast - opposites:

Third is Le Motif - repetition of theme:

Fourth is Symbolism - juxtaposing two events and one is a symbolic representation of what is happening in the other:

And finally, Parallelism - juxtaposing two events that may be related but never "meet up"

I don't know if it's because I'm a history nerd or what, but I really liked working on this story and would love to develop it into a more completed short someday. I'll definitely try to work on the full, correctly narrated animatic and post it up some time in the future.

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