Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Haunted Kitchen

This was one of my first projects in Concept Development last year. We could do anything we wanted with it as long as we stayed in this basic storyline: A human character is either eating or preparing food while a non-human character is trying to steal it. I had a number of ideas, but my professor and I ended up deciding on using a concept of a haunted kitchen. At first, my victim was going to be a ghost, as well as a thief. I decided to develop one of my long running characters. I'm glad I did. The challenges of redesigning him and redefining him turned him from this:

to this: Now, he of course, has gone through a few changes since this project, but I am very proud of this direction that he's been taken in.

As for the other character, it's actually Vin in his normal story. Ghosts being all magical and spooky and whatnot, they can transform into various things. Vin has taught himself how to turn into a cat.

For this story in my class, however, the cat is a separate entity and is the only ghost. Vin is still alive and is slowly being driven insane by the spooks in his home.

This was the final animatic that I ended up with. It had to be 30 seconds long and I learned then that I have a hard time with that number.

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