Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bastet's Gift

Quite literally finished up this project today. The premise was that we had to come up with an adaptation of "The Gift of the Magi" by O. Henry. I didn't really like the project, at first, but that was only because they milked the bejeezus out of this poor story last semester when we had to visualize the most ridiculous adaptation ever thought of for it. Anyway, we had free reign on where to go with this one. Our only restriction was that we could not use humans. It seemed simple enough. I started off as an animal artist, anyway, so I narrowed down my ideas to this.

These two cats were already pre-existing characters of mine, but in serious need of development. My original pitch for the story was that they were once worshiped deities to the ancient Egyptians, but the Roman takeover basically left them forgotten. The male, Zemti, pictured on the right, is upset about this and has taken to sulking around the ruins of their once great temple. All he has left to remind him of his glory days is a luxurious, though small tapestry that he sleeps on. The female, Tiaa, on the leftt, tries to cheer up her companion by going into town to find him something to compliment the blanket. Though not taken seriously by a merchant, Tiaa manages to sell the jewelry she wears in exchange for money. She drops off that money as payment as a textile stand and takes a small pillow in return. When she gets back to the ruins, Zemti is infuriated that Tiaa's jewelry is gone, but she quickly shows why she did it. We find out why Zemti was frustrated when he shows that he got rid of his prized blanket in order to get a charm to clip onto Tiaa's collar. The story basically ends with the two coming to terms that all they need is each other and cuddle on the tiny pillow Tiaa "bought". D'aaawwww.

Yeah, it was too complicated.

After the pitch and much help from my class, I managed to simplify the story down. Rather than Tiaa and/or Zemti going to town and dealing with other characters, they both go inside the temple to get something to keep warm.

Even this version went through a number of changes. It went from Tiaa going on an epic graverobbing adventure to Zemti not recognizing her and trying to scare her off. Overall, everyone seemed to want me to lean towards putting very Indiana Jones inspired elements into the story and I ended up with something like this.

It was a pretty fun project and a cuter story than the ones I normally do. If I pitch this for my senior thesis, I definitely have to have a track of cats singing the Indiana Jones theme in the background.

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  1. Very cute megan. You're super talented. Keep it up.-Christine Q.